Wartenn's Kingmaker

Centaurs and Ancient Mysteries

The heroes of the Shrikehold set out to discover the fate of Varnhold. Farms, the watchtower, and the buildings of the town of Varnhold were all intact, and had suffered only minor damage. And that damage seemed to be after the disappearances. Upon further exploration, they discovered that some fey had moved into the fort and had claimed the Varnhold as their own. Upon defeating them, the heroes found the sword of Lord Varn and a number of items taken from the missing townsfolk. They also found references to Varn having several archaeological expeditions looking for ancient cyclopian artifacts. Something was found not long before everyone disappeared. Oh….and Varn apparently is guilty of some war crimes against centaurs and had taken to skinning them and tanning their hides.

The heroes went out to talk to the centaurs. It took months to build up their trust… including going through one of their coming-of-age rites in the middle of December (which Darius won and Nymka took second place. The centaur chieftain shared that there was a “Hall of the Dead” that led to an ancient burial place of an ancient cyclops high in the mountains. This creature is what the Nomen centaur tribe is stationed to guard against. The chieftainess’s daughter, jealous of the attention the heroes were getting, appears to have gone off to face this big bad on her own to show her worth.

The heroes have prepared and are ready to venture into the dark caverns of the dead….


electriccat Lord_Telarus

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