Wartenn's Kingmaker

Defeat of the Trolls

The next morning, the party went back to the troll settlement to find that the kennels were empty and the trolls were hiding back in their cave. We checked out their storehouse and found their lumber was actual trees… not cut lumber.

After some brief planning, Nymka summoned a couple of earth elementals to enter the fortress and open the doors all the way. They encountered no resistance, so Nymka sent them to do some exploring. They did eventually encounter some pretty heavy resistance and they were destroyed.

Scouting revealed that there was a huge (literally) two-headed troll… some type of ettin-troll hybrid. We lured it to the entry chamber and attacked it with fire and ranged weapons until it was dead.

We started off the last encounter in the throne room with Hargulka and his minions with a bang. Costin pulled out a sheet of large paper and cast Explosive Runes on it, then threw it in the throne room. He mimicked the two-headed troll’s voice and said, “Found this.”

Hargulka demanded the scroll be brought to him, and an explosion followed. The party then sprang to the attack.

In the room was a normal troll, Hargulka, two trollhounds, and a weird rock troll. Fireballs were thrown, and the melee heroes kept the trolls from closing on the casters. The battle was over fairly quickly, but the rock troll was not vulnerable to fire. We did, however, discover that they petrified in the sun. With careful planning, we drug the unconscious troll outside with the help of summoned earth elementals. We positioned his unconscious form in a very embarassing balet-esque pose, then drug it out into the sun. It petrified. This petrified rock troll is now in our park district. A naming contest has been announced in Tralg’s Folley, and as soon as we get the resources, we’ll be turning him into a fountain. We are also going to be changing his outfits every holiday and at the start of each season.

We went through the months of November, December, January, and February. We attended a celebration in Brevoy, brought in a new and apparently very wealthy settlement of kobolds, and hired some adventurers to explore some of the remaining hexes within our southwest borders.


electriccat Lord_Telarus

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