Wartenn's Kingmaker

The Valley of the Dead

aka Luckiest Centaur Ever

Upon arriving in the Valley of the Dead, the party found the rock walls to be etched with skulls and markings of death that were far higher than a centaur would be able to draw… and it would have taken considerable time to carve them as well. After a brief commune with nature, the heroes learned that the centaur princess had passed before us not long before, that there were no animals nearby, and that there were unnatural creatures nearby. This was obvious, as two zombie ogres came shambling out of the trees. What was not obvious from first glance was that these zombies were faster than usual. They closed the distance quickly and inflicted some respectable bruises on the melee warriors.

Winding through the valley and the heights, the party encountered wyverns and speedy ogre zombies. Eventually, they came to a cave where there were more speedy ogre zombies and a dwarf Loch Ness monster that had somehow trapped itself in a watery cave. After Hamond Wylcey calmed it down, the party went down the natural stairs, walked down a 30 ft corridor underwater, and came up in the beginnings of the cyclopian ruin. There were ancient pots and craftsmanship not seen by mortals for a very, very long time. The new museum in Tralg’s Folley would delight to have some of these pieces.

Wandering through the ruins, we found a very clever trap which sealed people in and then drowned them. After narrowly avoiding being drowned the first time, the party carefully explored the trap and found a way around it. Careful dismantling of the trap doors seemed to take the teeth out of the trap, and the party was able to move safely on.

After climbing some stairs, the party discovered the worst hidden room ever. It was a weird room decorated with eyes that seemed to have something to do with scrying. There was also a room of ghosty things that hungered for the souls of spellcasters. Those were beaten down, but not before they sipped the life force of our casters a little.

There was a shrine to a death god that required the party to fill cups with blood and then pour the blood over the lit lanterns on the dias to unlock the doors leading forward. Fortunately, we didn’t have to drink the blood.

We also came upon a room full of boiling tar. There used to be a bridge that crossed it, but it seemed to have been destroyed or long ago disintegrated from the ravages of time. Nymka tried flying up to tie a rope to the ceiling and came face-to-face with a fast undead human spellcaster that threw a surprise spell at him. The fumes of the burning tar were too much for Costin, and he was forced to withdraw from the room a couple of times to get some fresh air.

After a hard-fought battle with the flying sorcerer, the party was able to defeat him and drag his truly dead corpse down safely to land.

The party then retreated to a safe spot to rest and recover.


electriccat Lord_Telarus

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