Ioseph Sellemius


The Lord Mayor is a fat jovial man whose merry manner disguises a keen mind seeking to juggle the interests of a bustling city, powerful nobles and Swordlords prickly with pride. He sees in the party an opportunity to do some business and secure a safe border.


Schooled in the ways of the Aldori dueling style, Ioseph is far out of practice having found more of a favor in politics of running a city. In the years since the Vanishing he has transitioned from Mayor of a City to Lord Mayor of a City State and some of it’s surrounding territory. While not truly egalitarian he is one of the more fair men in a position such as his, able to navigate the bristling personas of the various Swordlords and balancing their egos against the nobility of greater Brevoy. He is an ardent believer in Rostlandic independence.

Ioseph Sellemius

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