Wartenn's Kingmaker

The Battle for Tatzleford

We Ain't Afraid of No Trolls

The intelligence agencies of the Shrikehold did some significant spying on our neighbors in the HookTongue Slough during the February and March kingdom turns. Morale in the city was low, and it appeared that the city was not claiming land nor had it stretched out as far as it could. We were curious.

Agents discovered that Pitax had backed a band of tiger-loving barbarians in attacking the city a couple of years ago. The city had made some kind of deal with the attackers – and every eldest daughter in the city was taken captive to ensure their cooperation. There is also some kind of ancient temple to a hag goddess under the Temple of Callistrea that told a prophecy of some kind of invincible barbarian king.

Shortly thereafter, a rider appeared saying that Tatzleford was about to be attacked. A rider had appeared warning of an attack force, and the town was unable to defend itself against the forces that were coming. Kargan rallied the armies – but there was no way that they would arrive in time. So the High Council went out to lead the defense of the town and to try and buy time.

Defenses were set up on the bridge leading into town. We discovered that the attackers were a mix of human barbarians and trolls, though allegedly under the command of our friends we had just spied on. Hamond Wylcey did a sweep of the area and discovered the army was not as dumb as it looked – they had crossed the river farther south and were attacking from the south. The High Council switched defensive positions and prepared for a fight.

The battle was brief and bloody. The High Council faced off against a dozen trolls in a very short confrontation. The trolls could not stand against the might and fire of the High Council of the Shrikehold.

Unfortunately, the enemy commander was killed in the fighting and no interrogation could be done. Needless to say, we will need to get some answers very quickly. And the fighting is likely far from over.


electriccat Lord_Telarus

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