Wartenn's Kingmaker

Varnhold Vanishing

There were several months of peace and growth in the Shrikehold after the trolls were defeated. Adventurers explored the remaining unexplored regions of the Shrikehold’s borders.

But in July, the High Council began to hear disturbing rumors. Varnhold had gone quiet. During the High Council sessions in August, the worst fears were realized. The guardpost in Varnhold territory close to Varnhold Pass was empty. The citizens of Varnhold seem to have disappeared.

The High Council received a message from the Swordlords of Restov that requested that we look into the disappearance before we met the same fate. The Swordlords were unfortunately quite busy as tensions continue to increase and civil war threatens to tear Issia and Rostland apart.

The High Council prepares to go and investigate the disappearances.

Defeat of the Trolls

The next morning, the party went back to the troll settlement to find that the kennels were empty and the trolls were hiding back in their cave. We checked out their storehouse and found their lumber was actual trees… not cut lumber.

After some brief planning, Nymka summoned a couple of earth elementals to enter the fortress and open the doors all the way. They encountered no resistance, so Nymka sent them to do some exploring. They did eventually encounter some pretty heavy resistance and they were destroyed.

Scouting revealed that there was a huge (literally) two-headed troll… some type of ettin-troll hybrid. We lured it to the entry chamber and attacked it with fire and ranged weapons until it was dead.

We started off the last encounter in the throne room with Hargulka and his minions with a bang. Costin pulled out a sheet of large paper and cast Explosive Runes on it, then threw it in the throne room. He mimicked the two-headed troll’s voice and said, “Found this.”

Hargulka demanded the scroll be brought to him, and an explosion followed. The party then sprang to the attack.

In the room was a normal troll, Hargulka, two trollhounds, and a weird rock troll. Fireballs were thrown, and the melee heroes kept the trolls from closing on the casters. The battle was over fairly quickly, but the rock troll was not vulnerable to fire. We did, however, discover that they petrified in the sun. With careful planning, we drug the unconscious troll outside with the help of summoned earth elementals. We positioned his unconscious form in a very embarassing balet-esque pose, then drug it out into the sun. It petrified. This petrified rock troll is now in our park district. A naming contest has been announced in Tralg’s Folley, and as soon as we get the resources, we’ll be turning him into a fountain. We are also going to be changing his outfits every holiday and at the start of each season.

We went through the months of November, December, January, and February. We attended a celebration in Brevoy, brought in a new and apparently very wealthy settlement of kobolds, and hired some adventurers to explore some of the remaining hexes within our southwest borders.

Against the Trolls

While out adventuring, we discovered a group of trolls that had taken up residence in the Shrikehold. We encountered an initial group of three trolls that were bringing back a cart full of building supplies – large-sized books on building construction with lots of pictures and large-size hammers. We were able to take out the trolls and confiscate the building supplies. An initial scouting attempt on the fortress showed it to be well-guarded and the start of a permanent troll city of sorts.

After returning to think about the troll situation, Darius Orroz Lodovka made a contact that knew a considerable amount about the trolls. He offered to sell the Shrikehold a map of their stronghold as well as some detailed information. Darius took the information to the Council, and came back with the following info:

- Troll leader is named Hargulka. He does not seem abnormal in any way, except for perhaps being smarter than the average troll with more vision. He has a large map on a hide on his wall of the area.

- There is a troll that wears better armor than most in the camp. Seems to be a lieutenant that restricts access to Hargulka.

- Patrols generally consist of two trolls and one troll hound.

- Lair is a combination of worked stone above and newer raw stone caverns. You must pass through the barracks area to get to the personal quarters and audience chamber of Hargulka.

- Hargulka is building a nation for trolls and others “not like the soft skins.” They have some allies and are building up. The land they have was gifted to them by “the Lady,” and her friends helped them set up their initial settlement. Hargulka was confident that the Shrikehold would be “much surprised were they to try to come up and strike against us.” All monsters are welcome in the troll settlement. More come to join them each day, and when they grow large enough, they will kick out the humans.

- There are 7 rooms, at least 15 trolls (could be up to 20), and 5 troll hounds. 1 of the hounds was in Hargulka’s room and the others were either on patrol or in the kennels.

- External door to the main fortress is stone and at least a few inches thick. There is a sliding track that the door is on that appears to be controlled by a spoked wheel inside the room.

- The crates in one of the rooms bore two symbols. The informant recognized that one of them was the symbol of Pitax. Darius confirmed that with Lady Valeria. While we can be certain that Pitax will claim that the supplies were stolen from them, Hargulka’s talk of allies and what is known of Count Irrovetti makes me suspicious that he may be allied with these trolls. Pitax’s frequent wars with Mivon over some of that fertile borderland would gain a bonus if a new front was opened up on Mivon’s northern border. It is unlikely that we’ll be able to prove this. The other symbol my contact did not recognize…. nor did Lady Valeria.

- Hargulka is interested in an alliance with Darius’s contact. He has made a request for my contact to recapture the books and building supplies that they lost and bring them back to the camp to prove that he is as powerful and useful an ally as he claims that he could be. They are expecting him to bring the items to them in the middle of November. At that point, Hargulka would likely let my contact in on more information.

Seraphina recognized the other symbol as the symbol of the banished queen of faerie that had a dalliance with Oberon. Titiana did not take kindly to this, and the vengeance was the stuff of fey legends.

We offered the trolls a chance to surrender. They refused. So the Senior Council set off to launch an initial attack before the troll infestation got too out of control.

The initial attack took out their watchtower, three trolls, and a troll hound. The party then set up a false camp to draw attention that evening. A party of 5 more trolls and two trollhounds took the bait and were soundly destroyed.

Now we prepare to finish the job. Approximately half of the trolls have been defeated already.

Founding of the Shrikehold
From the Journals of Darius Lodovka, Lord of the Rose

I cannot say that I expected that our exploration of the Greenbelt would end in us ruling a small nation. We made a bunch of deals that gave us resources in exchange for promises to build trade routes, buildings, or advance the goals of some of our sponsors while we grow as a country. Overall, I think we did very well. It has been 8 or 9 months now since we rose to power – and it has been a very busy and eventful time for the Shrikehold.

All of us have settled into our roles. Nymka is known to the public as the Guardian. Kargan is our general, Costin serves as our magister, Hamond Wylcey is our warden, and I serve as spymaster. Or Lord of the Rose as I call myself. The rose is elegant and attractive, but if you aren’t careful its thorns will stab the hell out of you. So I find it fitting.

We have two settlements established – Tralg’s Folly and Leveton. We don’t have a whole lot in Leveton right now – just some housing and a marketplace. We built a road to connect Leveton and Tralg’s Folly with Brevoy as we promised. In Tralg’s Folly, we have build quite a number of buildings, and our population has grown by leaps and bounds.

It has been quite a while since I wrote in my journal – partly because of my many activities. I’ve built a tavern from the ground up in Tralg’s Folly. I now have an innkeeper working for me that takes away from the work I have to do, but I love spending time there and swapping stories and having a few ales. It’s an excellent place to gather information.

There has been other excitement too. Some inquisitors of Old Deadeye came to stay with us for a couple of months to remove all of the goat statues in our realm. We had a visit by Count Arnovsky, and a month later his associate Arnold came to live in our town.

I recently sent my newly-trained spies on an easy scouting trip to Varnhold, and it ended poorly. Some of the spies were caught, but we avoided a major political scene. My entire life has been spent being in the spotlight and standing out. It’s pretty clear that I have some work to do and some skills to learn if I am to train a skilled group of spies.

We are currently exploring a fortress on our western border that is in the possession of some fey. We battled a quickling and found his piggy bank, which gave us the idea to call this place Svinevault. We also battled some kind of fey beasty and its assassin vine friend. We now go forth to explore the main keep.

I know that’s kind of a whirlwind tour of what we’ve been up to the past few months. I’ll try to do better at journaling in the future.

The Party Pt. 2

From the Journal of High Ruler Nymka of the Shrikehold,

Nah, just kidding. =You should be. You’re not strong enough to hold what you have.= First, Waythe, it’s not mine [And it won’t be. You are weak], Quiet. It is ours, and at least at this point it belongs to all of us. The future is uncertain, especially with us just starting out. That being said, like hell if I’d be taking any rulership advice from either of you. You would either have me light everything on fire =FIRE!= sigh, yes, fire. Or, devote so much to military that everyone would starve [Proper culling of the weak]. Shut it, Gnout.

OK, everyone, cut out of the conversation for a moment. It was an interesting party. I wasn’t really used to the political maneuvering, until I realized that it was just the standard street haggling with fancier clothes, scents more obnoxious than the gutter, and more pretension. Most everyone was anxious to get their piece in, advancing their own agendas. Fortunately, most of them were relatively in line with ours. The Pharsmans were concerned with what they always are. So many people shouting, both internal and externally, that we don’t want undead in our nation, with no patience for me to agree with them. I still have the obligation of establishing Nethys’ position on the situation. The important piece is that…Nethys doesn’t give a rat’s ass what is done with magic, so long as it is used. I’m free to adjudicate what magics are and aren’t allowed from a theological stance, but that the church has no official position. FOOLISHNESS! You gave away your greatest advantage! First, I said quiet. Second, tell that to your turncoat bone golems. Whatever happened to them, anyway? I don’t want to talk about it.

There were others that…I’ll admit, I’m not sure why they were there. The one joker who just wanted to take over the area before we even started with military forces, or the one that wanted us to just cede any ruins over to her (though, to be fair, she was Winter). Lots of little notes on the overall decisions made, but overall I think we came out ahead.

Of course, the biggest thing was figuring out who was gonna run this thing, at least in theory. I tried to look at things objectively when I put myself forward for the position of rulership, though I fully recognize that this is a collaboration. I’m very rarely, if ever, going to be making decisions by myself. OK, to be fair, I can’t make any decisions by myself! I’m already a committee.

That being said…it is weird. I came into this group looking to forward the advance of magic in the area for Nethys, and to counter any potential cults and major threats that may be in the area. I suppose my position as ruler is just as effective in this case BETTER, but I was thinking at best I would be starting a little temple out in the wilds. This is more than I was expecting, and I only hope that I am up to the challenge. You will be.

The new charter member – not so sure on him yet, but he appears to be solid, competent. Hell, more than competent. He’s fully aware of his capabilities, knows how far they extend, what may happen in the future, and what challenges there may be. Looks a bit like Tralg in the eyes, though that could just be me feeling guilty about Tralg’s passing. Naming the capital Tralg was a good idea…though may not be the BEST thing. Still need to think that over a bit more as to how I’ll vote on that. Most definitely a memorial, maybe even a holiday for him.

Episode IX

The party held by the mayor of Restov came to an end. All told, the party had collected support from or made deals with all but four factions (Church of Abadar, Jerribeth, House Surtova, and the One-Eyed Witch).

Agreements were made regarding who would nominally be in charge of our kingdom, and a name was decided on (The Shrikehold).

Now, while we have legal claim to the land between Oleg’s Trading Post and Mivon, we are actually in control of nothing more than the ground we walk. Next week, we aim to fix that, as we take over the northern coast of the Tuskwater for the capital city of The Shrikehold.

I’m sure that whole “ancient evil fey coming back” thing in the area won’t bite us in the ass.

At all.

Episode VIII
A new beginning

From the Secret Journals of Kargan Ulron:

How many times must I lose my son?

It’s been a long time since I wrote in this journal. I haven’t opened this book since before I first crossed the border into Brevoy. That last time, a little over ten years ago, was the last time I thought he, they, were dead. This time, though, I think it might be for the last time, until we meet again on Gorum’s Final Field.

Let me explain, to myself I guess, if no one else, as I don’t expect anyone else to read this.

In the ten years since I received what I thought was news of the defeat at Touvette, where I thought Krensa had been slain, I wandered from the River Kingdoms into Brevoy, taking first a job with the Royal Guard just before the Royal Family disappeared, then taking gold from every Great House in Brevoy, from killing Lamashtu cultists for the Medyved to my most recent position, pirate-hunting and body-guard duties for the Lodovka. The Lodovka are decent masters, Lord Kozek especially is a cunning old bastard of whom I have grown very fond. Almost half-orc in his own way. Which, indirectly brings me to where I am today.

Today, I am in Restov. Kozek’s adopted great-nephew Darius, who I once helped escort to a swordlord Academy (for all the good THAT did…), and a bit of a holy terror in his own way, had been chosen for that Aldori thing into the Stolen Lands. Didn’t think much of it at the time, after all, its been tried before and, well, if anything had ever come of it, they wouldn’t still be the Stolen Lands, would they? But one thing drew my eye when I looked over the charter, a name, scrawled, barely letters at all, almost like Orcish pictograms, ‘Tralg’.

Tralg. The last Tralg I knew was Krensa’s father, old Tralg the Ironfist, my first weapons teacher. And I started to wonder. Of course Krensa would have named our boy, the boy I barely knew existed, after her late father. I put the thought aside, I mean, the name means ‘Strength’ in Orcish, there’s probably lots of half-orcs named Tralg. Sure.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t think about it in the weeks that followed. Of course I did. But I got on with my job. After all, Captain Hightower thought he had a lead on those oyster smugglers off the northwest cliffs. Real ‘Fate of the Realm’ stuff. Prick.

I’d also be lying if I said we weren’t all kind of surprised when word came up from the the Green Belt that Dare, sorry Master Darius, and the crew with him had taken out the Stag Lord, the local bandit chieftain. Well, maybe not Lord Kozek, never seen him look surprised at anything. Never beaten him at cards, either. So there’s no telling what he was really thinking. Never is.

What I was thinking? I was thinking that if Master Dare and his party had been recalled to Restov to be awarded formal control of the Green Belt would bring this Tralg up to Brevoy where I could meet him in person. The whole thing was a circus. By killing the local bandit chief, they already control that area, but by ‘granting’ it to them, the Swordlords provide the illusion of power over them. The usual nonsense. Let the Houses and other power players a chance to bid for a piece of these new players, like scavengers around a fresh kill.

I shouldn’t be judging them. I was the same. I wanted something from those kids and I was going to Restov to get it. However, what I wanted was to meet this ‘Tralg’, to meet, I hoped, my son. So when Lord Kozek chose his second-cousin Petrov to go down and represent the Lodovka in Restov, I volunteered my squad to lead the security detail.

I knew the whole of that group would be in Restov. Including this ‘Tralg’. I wanted to meet him. Wanted to look him in the eye.

But you don’t always get what you want. It turned out that this Tralg, he’d fallen in battle against the Stag Lord. Died with his axe in the man, delivering the killing blow. I have no more proof he’s mine and Krensa’s boy than I did when I first read the name.

But he died doing Gorum’s work, killing his enemy. It was how my father died. How Krensa’s father, the first Tralg died, and likely how I’m going to go. And that is what a son of the line of Ulron would do.

Restov was what I expected. Young Dare and his remaining companions showed up and immediately got down to horse-trading. They’re an unusual lot. Back in Winterbreak, Dare stood out, the black sheep of the family. In this company… well, let’s just say he’s in good company.

There’s one of old Gorev’s brood, seems bright enough, if a little more, well, ‘Medyved’ than the rest of them. He’s one of the casters, I think. The other, Nymka, is a catman who is either more than commonly stoned or actually mad. Cleric of one of the magical gods, I think. Then there’s the halfling, Hamond. Wolf-rider, fighting man. Seems a likely enough sort.

Not a bad crew. I think. And with their defeat of the Stag Lord, they’re garnishing even more attention than when Maegor Varn came back. Side note, look him up, he might be a useful man to know.

They’ve been cutting deals with the Great Houses, avoiding, I’ve noticed the Surtova. Smart move. I wonder which of them thought of that. The Churches of Abadar, Gorum, Erestil. I’ve been keeping an eye on them. Some independents, like Lady Vallara and some others.

Of course, so have I.

For the first time in a decade, I want something more than to get into another fight and collect my pay. I want to go south. I want to find out if Tralg was my Tralg. But if I’m honest that’s not the only reason I want to go south.

And all this thinking about Kresna and our son has got me remembering something else. Remembering who I really am. I was always meant for more than this. I am an Ulron, perhaps the last. I am the Skywound. I have a destiny.

So I’ve been cutting some deals of my own. If I’m to go south with these lads, it’s not to be as their serving man, It’ll be as an equal. But for that to happen, I need to be added to the charter and to accomplish that, I’ll need patrons. I think I’ve got some pretty solid support. Petrov Lodovka, Mischa Medyved, old Ratibor the Shatterer.

Still, might want to approach some of the swordlords, Mivon, Restov, the Aldori academy. Might be useful if…

Hold on, I think I see Dare headed towards the swordlords, and he’s smiling. Do not see that ending well…

Episode VII

We made it to the Stag Lord’s keep. Tricked him to send off half of his bandits to Muvon. Won over some of the local fae, who invis’ed all but Darius. Made it into the keep, where the Stag Lord attempted to kill Darius with his pet owlbear. This turned sideways when combat began. Stag Lord and most of the men remaining are deceased, including the owlbear, at the cost of Tralg’s life.

Finished mapping the rest of the Greenbelt, gave the Stag Lord’s body to Nettle in the Shrike River, then headed back to Oleg’s, where a missive awaited the party.

We were to go to Restov ASAP.

Episode VI

Desna 5 – We traveled south through previously explored territory. No major incidents. Third attempt at harnessing the lightning spirit in the area failed; still need to find the right name.

Desna 6 – Entered new territory near the Shrike river. Encountered gnome traders heading to Oleg’s. Messed up staves, couldn’t decide if they were supposed to be metal with wooden additions, or wooden with metal additions. Entirely useless; such inconsistency in construction throws off the natural energies. The booming we heard later was most likely the sound of the staves malfunctioning when they were needed; now regret not sharing my concerns with the gnomes when I had the chance.

Found Nettle’s Crossing; entirely collapsed. Maybe if any of the gnomes survived, they could assist in rebuilding this crossing. Oh, and some sort of cursed undead (probably goes by Nettle) wants to see the Stag Lord’s body thrown into the water at the crossing and it will let us rebuild the crossing. Entirely fair. We didn’t have a plan yet for the body, and as interesting as it would be to pull a Grand Duchess Syrinae-Gaill and mail the Stag Lord’s body back to his next of kin in sausage form, it would take entirely too long to pull off. Realistically, the body would probably be decaying by the time we even figured out where his next of kin are. Also, if the Grand Duchess found out that I tried and failed to replicate one of her renowned torments, she would probably turn my family into stirges. Or worse. Oh, and I’m not sure the rest of my company would appreciate the gesture. They seem weirded out by me already.

Desna 7 – We found kobolds in the hills near the Shrike river, west of Nettle’s crossing. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any underground tunnels to the southern side of the river. Fortunately, they seemed to like us well enough, and could be of some use when we begin to… exploit the area. Only need to clear out some mites.

Desna 8 – Made it to the big sycamore with the mite tunnels underneath. Turns out we weren’t dealing with any sort of dire insect, but the pathetic wild fey. I think the insect would have put up a fight. Problem solved.

Desna 9 – We returned with a kobold prisoner that the mites had taken, a statue of some sort of importance, and some coins. The kobolds invited us in to their caves. Note: caves of later interest.

The kobold shaman/high priest objected to our presence. The chieftain defended us. Nymka and I decided to play a trick on the high priest. High priest responded by outing the fact that the tribe’s patron was a joke. A few moments later, the high priest was dead, the kobolds offered us his stuff, and we left on good terms with what was left of the tribe.

Desna 10 – found intersection of Thorn and Shrike rivers. Getting closer to Stag Lord’s hall. Met Rhea the warg. She seemed impressed by Hammond’s hunting skills. Took one of Darius’s bad wanted posters for the Stag Lord and nailed it to a tree near the intersection. Unlikely that the Stag Lord’s men will miss it. Also found thornberries.

Desna 11 – Explored area north of the intersection. Found two-headed goat statue again. Not impressed.

Desna 12 – another two-headed goat statue! Very concerned now. Was this area home to a large Lamashtu cult, or does the two-headed goat signify something else? Some local demonic cult of the Greenbelt? Could this creature be sponsoring the Stag Lord? Questions to ponder.

We found a ford on the southern Thorn river and crossed over. Checking last part of the western bank of the Thorn tomorrow.

Desna 13 – Today is a day that I will remember forever. Every 13th of Desna, for as long as I live, shall be celebrated by me and my kin.

Today, I met Squirrel-Fucker.

His cabin, on the western embankment of the Thorn and Shrike intersection, served as the farthest point south our group wanted to go without a plan of attack for the Stag Lord’s hall, and after introducing ourselves to Squirrel-Fucker, we began our travel north to Oleg’s.

Desna 14 – Ran out of feed for the animals today. note: 200 lbs of feed covers 10 days of exploration and travel. Had to graze my horse and mule with everyone else now.

Desna 15 – Stopped by Boken’s with thornberries. Received a discount on potions for the next month. When I attempted to examine the construct in his garden again, he chased me away with his walking stick.

Returned to Oleg’s. Restocking and drawing up plans for clearing out the Stag Lord.

Episode V

I’m trying to look back on the past few days as I write this down, so my memory might be a bit fuzzy [You’re a bit fuzzy] Hush, so are you now (-haha!-). It has been raining from deluge to random showers to traveling through marsh to so humid you have to chew the air before you swallow it. Any paper would be destroyed as I try to write on it, so I’ve had to wait until we returned to Oleg’s to get any of this down. (Could have carved it in stone) I didn’t want to weigh down the horses with stone tablets (#You have a shitty horse#) So you’ve said in the past.

Anyway, it was an interesting few days. We fought a bear – it was painful (Should have left him alone) Maybe, but beside the point now. Besides, it was good meat [MEAT!] Yes, meat. Costin did…Costin things. We also encountered a few boggards near the river, however they got away into the river prior to encountering them. More on them later (%Boggards aren’t SO bad%) (#How so?#) (%Unique skeletal structure%) (<sigh>).
One area that had a couple major points of interest. First, we hit a rock formation that looked like an owl. Mage thought it “meant something.” Of course, everything means something to him. (&He is a bit touched, but sometimes he does see things that others miss&) (He needs to be touched a bit more…in the head…with a club…with spikes…and…) That’s enough. We all get the point. We then found an overgrown statue of Erastil and the remains of what we think was once a hunting lodge. We did some hunting, offered up a bit of a ritual, and our weapons have been…more effective since then. A nice minor blessing from a nice, minor deity (~BE NICE~). I…huh. So we finally broke through that communication barrier? (~…~) Or not. (~DIFFICULT~). Got it. We’ll keep working at it.
After that, we ran into a couple griggs, but we made nice with them, gave them some food and fun respect, and moved on. By the way, thanks for the tips on the fey encounters we’ve hit so far Aepha (!No problem!!). Are they dangerous? Not really (!) but they can cause major problems. Besides, much more useful to have them as allies than as enemies. Good scouts, know the terrain, maybe even cause problems for Staglord’s men.

After a couple days of finishing scouting the west-ish side of the river, we forded it once the rain had lessened. Ran across a few of the Staglord’s men. Engaged in conversation with them while posing as more bandits…seriously, how stupid and ineffective is their codeword system anyway? (pretty bad. What they need to do is implement a surface codeword system that is actually nothing, a ruse. Use some sort of rudimentary thieves cant during the exchange of words with the actual pass that is for a long period of time. Sure, it can be infiltrated as well, but the additional ruse would have made your lives…our lives…whatever…more difficult) You’re probably right, but I’m not about to give them that tip (quite right).

Anyway, we started riding and talking, mage was acting more nutty than usual…how did I end up not the crazy one in the group, anyway? (You’re not crazy) Maybe not technically, but I do hear voices, and talk to them, and take advice from them. Most people would call that crazy (true). Sure, he was playing it up, acting a part…but I’m not sure how much he was really exaggerating, really. Talked to a gladiator once, who said the way to play to the crowd was to just amplify your own personality…so there is that. Anyway, talked to them, they knew nothing, we killed them.

Ran into a scrag under a bridge in the middle of nowhere. I really need to look into the reality warping aspects of the fey. We shape reality through the physical, the intellectual, the spiritual, but they fey can warp it by their mere presence at times. (/hehe/) Sure warped Costin’s head, that’s for sure. The scrag…killed it.

We then hit a marshy area, and had an…interesting…encounter with a boggard named Goruum. After some initial unpleasantness [Should have eaten his liver] with him and his slurk [Should have eaten his liver] {What is with you and livers? You’re starting to sound like Costin} […nevermind.] we made nice. He apparently had some problems with his previous…tribe? Group? Whatever. Told him about the boggards we saw the previous day, and he said he would take care of it. Gave us a bit of his shinies to go take care of Tuskgutter.

Finally we found Tuskgutter. He’s a big pig. (^You can be a big pig too^) You keep saying that. I don’t get it. We killed him, bagged him, drug him back to Oleg’s. Turned things in for their reward, which will be incoming. Told Jhod about the Erastil stuff we found, and informed him of the dead unicorn and the corruption surrounding it. We heard speculation that there may be a war between Summer factions in the area over turf (!That’s not good!) No kidding.


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