Wartenn's Kingmaker

Against the Trolls

While out adventuring, we discovered a group of trolls that had taken up residence in the Shrikehold. We encountered an initial group of three trolls that were bringing back a cart full of building supplies – large-sized books on building construction with lots of pictures and large-size hammers. We were able to take out the trolls and confiscate the building supplies. An initial scouting attempt on the fortress showed it to be well-guarded and the start of a permanent troll city of sorts.

After returning to think about the troll situation, Darius Orroz Lodovka made a contact that knew a considerable amount about the trolls. He offered to sell the Shrikehold a map of their stronghold as well as some detailed information. Darius took the information to the Council, and came back with the following info:

- Troll leader is named Hargulka. He does not seem abnormal in any way, except for perhaps being smarter than the average troll with more vision. He has a large map on a hide on his wall of the area.

- There is a troll that wears better armor than most in the camp. Seems to be a lieutenant that restricts access to Hargulka.

- Patrols generally consist of two trolls and one troll hound.

- Lair is a combination of worked stone above and newer raw stone caverns. You must pass through the barracks area to get to the personal quarters and audience chamber of Hargulka.

- Hargulka is building a nation for trolls and others “not like the soft skins.” They have some allies and are building up. The land they have was gifted to them by “the Lady,” and her friends helped them set up their initial settlement. Hargulka was confident that the Shrikehold would be “much surprised were they to try to come up and strike against us.” All monsters are welcome in the troll settlement. More come to join them each day, and when they grow large enough, they will kick out the humans.

- There are 7 rooms, at least 15 trolls (could be up to 20), and 5 troll hounds. 1 of the hounds was in Hargulka’s room and the others were either on patrol or in the kennels.

- External door to the main fortress is stone and at least a few inches thick. There is a sliding track that the door is on that appears to be controlled by a spoked wheel inside the room.

- The crates in one of the rooms bore two symbols. The informant recognized that one of them was the symbol of Pitax. Darius confirmed that with Lady Valeria. While we can be certain that Pitax will claim that the supplies were stolen from them, Hargulka’s talk of allies and what is known of Count Irrovetti makes me suspicious that he may be allied with these trolls. Pitax’s frequent wars with Mivon over some of that fertile borderland would gain a bonus if a new front was opened up on Mivon’s northern border. It is unlikely that we’ll be able to prove this. The other symbol my contact did not recognize…. nor did Lady Valeria.

- Hargulka is interested in an alliance with Darius’s contact. He has made a request for my contact to recapture the books and building supplies that they lost and bring them back to the camp to prove that he is as powerful and useful an ally as he claims that he could be. They are expecting him to bring the items to them in the middle of November. At that point, Hargulka would likely let my contact in on more information.

Seraphina recognized the other symbol as the symbol of the banished queen of faerie that had a dalliance with Oberon. Titiana did not take kindly to this, and the vengeance was the stuff of fey legends.

We offered the trolls a chance to surrender. They refused. So the Senior Council set off to launch an initial attack before the troll infestation got too out of control.

The initial attack took out their watchtower, three trolls, and a troll hound. The party then set up a false camp to draw attention that evening. A party of 5 more trolls and two trollhounds took the bait and were soundly destroyed.

Now we prepare to finish the job. Approximately half of the trolls have been defeated already.


electriccat Lord_Telarus

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