Wartenn's Kingmaker

Episode IX

The party held by the mayor of Restov came to an end. All told, the party had collected support from or made deals with all but four factions (Church of Abadar, Jerribeth, House Surtova, and the One-Eyed Witch).

Agreements were made regarding who would nominally be in charge of our kingdom, and a name was decided on (The Shrikehold).

Now, while we have legal claim to the land between Oleg’s Trading Post and Mivon, we are actually in control of nothing more than the ground we walk. Next week, we aim to fix that, as we take over the northern coast of the Tuskwater for the capital city of The Shrikehold.

I’m sure that whole “ancient evil fey coming back” thing in the area won’t bite us in the ass.

At all.


electriccat alltheraz

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