Wartenn's Kingmaker

Saving Varnhold

And Nearly Losing Ourselves

On the way to the lair of Vordekai, the PCs found the remains of Varn and many of his skilled men. All were dead and missing their brains.

After battling their way to Vordekai’s lair, the party decided to not rest and kick down the door to confront the lich. They had no idea how badly this would turn out.

The cyclops lich was not alone, and started off with a spell that exhausted the whole party, effectively eliminating much of the melee strength of the group. The spellcasters were low on spells, and the lich and his antipaladin guardian were not low on resources. Kargan was slain, and shortly thereafter the party retreated. Kargan’s corpse was brought along.

Using a scroll of raise dead, Nymka was able to restore Kargan to life. After a brief rest, the party went back down into the ruins to confront Vordekai for the last time. This time, the party was successful. They recovered mad loot.

After dividing the spoils, our intrepid heroes restored the remaining 42 citizens of Varnhold to their homes and returned the runaway centaur princess. The Shrikehold then annexed Varnhold and renamed it (some river that starts with a K) Crossing. But it is now affectionately referred to as KFC.

There were more adventures to be had. The party found a half black dragon bullette and dealt with it, earning some very nice bullette hide. They also found the abandoned lair of the silver dragon of these parts. It turns out the dragon was dead and appears to have lost a battle with a black dragon. To nobody’s surprise, the black dragon had already looted the silver dragon’s hoard. Likely the black dragon lives in the Hooktongue Slough area.

A group of folks from Brevoy asked for permission to set up shop between the Shrikehold and Hooktongue Slough. The rulers of the Shrikehold granted them permission.


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