Wartenn's Kingmaker

The Party Pt. 2

From the Journal of High Ruler Nymka of the Shrikehold,

Nah, just kidding. =You should be. You’re not strong enough to hold what you have.= First, Waythe, it’s not mine [And it won’t be. You are weak], Quiet. It is ours, and at least at this point it belongs to all of us. The future is uncertain, especially with us just starting out. That being said, like hell if I’d be taking any rulership advice from either of you. You would either have me light everything on fire =FIRE!= sigh, yes, fire. Or, devote so much to military that everyone would starve [Proper culling of the weak]. Shut it, Gnout.

OK, everyone, cut out of the conversation for a moment. It was an interesting party. I wasn’t really used to the political maneuvering, until I realized that it was just the standard street haggling with fancier clothes, scents more obnoxious than the gutter, and more pretension. Most everyone was anxious to get their piece in, advancing their own agendas. Fortunately, most of them were relatively in line with ours. The Pharsmans were concerned with what they always are. So many people shouting, both internal and externally, that we don’t want undead in our nation, with no patience for me to agree with them. I still have the obligation of establishing Nethys’ position on the situation. The important piece is that…Nethys doesn’t give a rat’s ass what is done with magic, so long as it is used. I’m free to adjudicate what magics are and aren’t allowed from a theological stance, but that the church has no official position. FOOLISHNESS! You gave away your greatest advantage! First, I said quiet. Second, tell that to your turncoat bone golems. Whatever happened to them, anyway? I don’t want to talk about it.

There were others that…I’ll admit, I’m not sure why they were there. The one joker who just wanted to take over the area before we even started with military forces, or the one that wanted us to just cede any ruins over to her (though, to be fair, she was Winter). Lots of little notes on the overall decisions made, but overall I think we came out ahead.

Of course, the biggest thing was figuring out who was gonna run this thing, at least in theory. I tried to look at things objectively when I put myself forward for the position of rulership, though I fully recognize that this is a collaboration. I’m very rarely, if ever, going to be making decisions by myself. OK, to be fair, I can’t make any decisions by myself! I’m already a committee.

That being said…it is weird. I came into this group looking to forward the advance of magic in the area for Nethys, and to counter any potential cults and major threats that may be in the area. I suppose my position as ruler is just as effective in this case BETTER, but I was thinking at best I would be starting a little temple out in the wilds. This is more than I was expecting, and I only hope that I am up to the challenge. You will be.

The new charter member – not so sure on him yet, but he appears to be solid, competent. Hell, more than competent. He’s fully aware of his capabilities, knows how far they extend, what may happen in the future, and what challenges there may be. Looks a bit like Tralg in the eyes, though that could just be me feeling guilty about Tralg’s passing. Naming the capital Tralg was a good idea…though may not be the BEST thing. Still need to think that over a bit more as to how I’ll vote on that. Most definitely a memorial, maybe even a holiday for him.


electriccat Roth

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