Wartenn's Kingmaker

Varnhold Vanishing

There were several months of peace and growth in the Shrikehold after the trolls were defeated. Adventurers explored the remaining unexplored regions of the Shrikehold’s borders.

But in July, the High Council began to hear disturbing rumors. Varnhold had gone quiet. During the High Council sessions in August, the worst fears were realized. The guardpost in Varnhold territory close to Varnhold Pass was empty. The citizens of Varnhold seem to have disappeared.

The High Council received a message from the Swordlords of Restov that requested that we look into the disappearance before we met the same fate. The Swordlords were unfortunately quite busy as tensions continue to increase and civil war threatens to tear Issia and Rostland apart.

The High Council prepares to go and investigate the disappearances.


electriccat Lord_Telarus

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