Lomri is a playful, spoiled and somewhat mischievous fox. She wears a collar decorated with semi-precious gems and a nametag of gold. She expects high-quality treats, and will turn up her nose at the prospect of “common” dog treats. When she is not playing, Lomri projects an air of nobility and grace.

Lomri is well-trained and can do many tricks, but will only consider doing so in exchange for really good treats. Or if she really likes a person.

While well behaved and graceful when things are calm, playtime brings about a very different side of Lomri. She loves to play, and fetch is her very favorite game of all. Her second favorite game is hide and go seek with kids. She also loves running and jumping. Lomri loves children very much and is well known as every child in town’s favorite dog. She will run and play with them from dawn until dusk if Maya allows.

Lomri loves to be brushed and sleeps on a stuffed bed of her very own. She has been known to drag her bed around so that it always rests in the light of the sun that is shining through a window.

Maya loves and dotes on Lomri, and Lomri returns Maya’s love and affection as only a canine can.

In recent days, Lomri and Darius Orroz Lodovka have occassionally been sighted playing together.



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