Mayadathra Mithrilindil (Maya)


Maya is a talented and beautiful young half-elven woman. She possesses an unbelievable skill at crafting weapons and armor of surpassing beauty and lethal power. She learned the secrets of elven smiths while tutoring under her father, and her skill is so great that she can produce basic enchanted weapons and armor without any spellcasting ability. Maya is a member of the Makers Guild, and was one of the first smiths to settle in the Tralg’s Folly.

Maya has refined tastes, and does not settle for inferior quality goods. She chooses the finest fashions, orders the good wines, and likes to be surrounded by luxuries. She is highly critical of her own work, and will only sell items that meet her rigorous expectations of quality.

She loves and dotes upon her pet fox, Lomri, and feeds her expensive treats and providing her with every comfort. She talks to it like a mother talks to a baby. Indeed, Maya even dresses Lomri in sweaters when the weather turns cold.

Maya is a good businesswoman. She knows the value of her work and expects others to appreciate it as well. She is proud, and will refuse to sell her work to those that she believes will not take good care of it or that may use it for foul deeds.

Maya may be somewhat picky and drives a hard bargain, but she also has a soft heart. She is known as a philanthropist, particularly towards charities targeting children that have lost their parents. She has recently been soliciting patrons for the founding of an orphanage to care for those children that have lost abandoned by their parents. Such an institution would provide the children with a quality education and ideally, an apprenticeship to local craftsmen. She hopes that this will set them up for success in the future as productive members of society despite their unfortunate childhoods. Maya is also against slavery in any form.

Maya loves shopping and fashion, and gossips as well as any noble-born woman. She’s also flirtatious and bold, but she is also very independent. Maya loves to experience life, see new places, enjoy art, and appreciate all that life has to offer. She is full of life and humor.

Maya believes that women are every bit as equal to men, and woe to the man that makes a comment about the crafting of arms and armor being a “man’s job.”


Maya was born the only child of a highly-skilled elven craftsman and his wife – a lovely Taldan noblewoman named Camilia. Neither family approved of the interracial marriage, so both the husband and wife left their families to travel the world and make their living together. In fact, Maya is not even certain what her mother’s Taldan surname is. The conversations about who her maternal ancestors were seemed quite painful to her mother.

Maya’s father, Enialis Mithrilinidil, was well-known for his crafting skills as an armorer and weaponsmith. His skills were in high demand in foreign lands and other continents. Maya apprenticed to her father as they toured Tian Xia and became an accomplished smith in her own right.

Maya grew up in the Tian Xia and neighboring lands exposed to exotic cultures and strange deities. She adopted Kofusachi, the Laughing God, as her patron deity. Kofusachi is the god of abundance, discovery, happiness, and prosperity. In addition to being a god of trade, travel, and adventure, he is a god of love and lust. The dog is his sacred animal.

When she was 16, Maya’s parents attended a formal dinner for a popular warlord in Tian Xia. While they were there, a rival warlord attacked and barred the doors to the feast hall before setting it afire. Maya’s parents and most other nobles present burned to death. In the aftermath, the warlord known as the Jade Samurai claimed rulership over the domain of his fallen rival and its people.

Maya was driven to action by the death of her parents and helped a band of teenagers that also lost their parents in the assault to mount a rebellion and overthrow the Jade Samurai. Maya used her skills to craft weapons for the resistance and to forge together the pieces of an ancient sword of legend that helped the young heroes unite the neighboring warlords against the Jade Samurai.

Once the war was won, Maya was hailed as a hero. In recognition of her contributions, she was awarded a land and title as Forgemaster. Maya missed her parents deeply though, and kindly refused the honor. She wanted to return to the Inner Sea nations that her family was from to try and learn more about their old lives. She hoped to find other members of her family and reunite with them. Her heroic friends understood and provided her transportation on a ship and gave her a baby fox as a pet. Maya named it Lomri, and it has been her loyal and trusted companion since that day.

Maya spent the next nine years searching for her family. She was unable to find her family in Taldus. None even claimed to know who her mother was. It was deeply discouraging to Maya, and she left Taldus for her father’s home of Kyonin. She discovered her family there, but the wounds that her father left were still fresh to the full elves. Her family wanted nothing to do with Maya, so she departed with only Lomri as her friend.

Maya practiced her craft as she traveled the River Kingdoms, Galt, and several other lands in search of a new home. Everywhere she went, the quality and beauty of her work drew adoring fans and wealthy patrons. Buy Maya never stayed in one place for very long.

That all changed when Maya and Lomri moved to the Shrikehold. The land offers progressive rights to it’s citizens and is a growing hub of commerce.

Lately, Maya has been spending a lot of time with Darius OLodovka.

Mayadathra Mithrilindil (Maya)

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