Wartenn's Kingmaker

Ruby Phoenix Tournament Part II and The Pirate Dragon

A Letter Home

Great Uncle Kozek,

It has been a long time since I’ve written home. I think you would be very proud of the kingdom that my friends and I have carved out of the Stolen Lands. I’ve brought the Lodovka shipmaking skills into a new location and also run a large trade empire as a hub of trade between Brevoy and a couple of the River Kingdoms.

I’m currently half a world away from home with my friends competing in the Ruby Phoenix Tournament. Have you ever heard of it? It’s put on by the Church of Abadar every decade and takes place on a small island near the Tian continent. It’s an invitation-only event, with a choice of artifact granted to the tournament’s winners.

My friends and I are doing well – we’ve made it through four days of battles, exhibitions, and tests of strength, speed, and mind. Our tournament day was cut short yesterday though, and we were offered the chance to take on a brine dragon that had been harassing a nearby island. We were the only team that accepted the offer to deal with the dragon.

We purchased an old rowboat, and Costin filled it with summoned wild monkeys. This succeeded in drawing the dragon’s attention while we waited in ambush. It swooped up out of the water, destroying the boat and gobbling up several summoned monkeys while drowning the rest.

You should have seen the battle! It was amazing! Kargan… the big guy that travels with us – remember he used to work for us up in Winterbreak? Well, he was feeling under the weather and didn’t make it to the fight. So it was up to me to draw the attention of the dragon. I succeeded very well. The dragon really didn’t like me.

This was one of those times I was grateful I didn’t go through with the SwordLord training. Their training on fighting dragons primarily consists of either dying or running away – depending on which school you go to. Nymka did a great job of keeping me alive while I repeatedly stabbed it. I poked out the dragon’s eye and made it bleed a whole lot of blood. Costin kept hitting it with spells while Hamond and his wolf took swipes at the beast’s flanks.

It was a short fight, but a tough one. I’m pretty sure it’s the closest that I’ve come to dying in my adventuring career. But I’m still alive, and we walked away with some really great new trophies, some dragon hide, and the dragon’s hoard. I’ll send you something nice as a gift as soon as we get the hide back and treated and crafted into something useful. I think it’s appropriate for the Lord of House Lodovka to wear some brine dragon armor!

I hope everything is going well in the north! Feel free to come down and visit sometime!


Darius Lodovka


electriccat Lord_Telarus

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