Wartenn's Kingmaker

The Ruby Phoenix Tournament - Part 1

Kickin' @$$ on a new continent

At last, August has arrived and the Ruby Phoenix Tournament for this decade has come again at last. The heroes were picked up in a flying and rather frail looking boat (according to Darius) and flown/dimensionally hopped to a small island off of the Tian Xu continent.

There were very few representatives from the continent half a world away. Many were native Tian’s – particularly monks and sorcerers. There were also an abundance of kitsune (including one with 9 tails), an oni, and a nagaji. And monks. Lots of monks.

Day one had three events in store for the adventurers. The first tournament was a battle against a few monks that were very clearly outclassed. The second event was breaking a series of increasingly hard objects. The third was an exhibition fight against some kind of oriental undead. There were many boos in the exhibition round because the fight lasted approximately 3 seconds.

That night, the party celebrated and got to know some of the competition. They were also introduced to some kind of disease or toxin that affected two of the party members – weakening and slowing them the next day. Fortunately, Nymka had a restoration handy.

Day two had three more events. There was a fight on a sheer cliff face, an archery challenge, and an epic battle against a battle oracle on three multilevel platforms. The party once again won all three challenges.

Day three will be dawning soon, with many new unknown dangers and challenges….


electriccat Lord_Telarus

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