Cohorts. In a game that is going to have likely the most leadership seen in a single party we are going to need some ground rules for them and some slight tweaks. All credit to Scott as I am cribbing a fair bit of this from our previous Ondoron game.

1) No more than 2 cohorts may travel with the party at any time.

2) Cohorts gain Character points at the rate of 1 per level, though special quests for a group of cohorts or a cohort lead side mission may yield that as a reward for them.

3) Max cohort level as per normal, as described in the leadership chart. Different feats can of course modify this number.

4) Initial build and background for the cohort is a collaborative process, however Jarrod has final say.

5) Cohorts on creation receive GP as if they were a PC of their level with no more than 25% spent on a single item.

6) Cohorts, like PCs can have a background class purchased via CP. They also will have 2 traits and have a 20 point buy.

7) Cohorts will receive a limited version of the Elite template giving them +2 str and +2 con with 50% bonus HP. This is intended as a way to help have them not die like chumps when traveling with the party.


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