The Shrikehold

The Shrikehold

-Banner: The Black Shrike is the primary symbol of the realm, usually set against a green background (representing the Green Belt), with a pair of blue bands representing the two major rivers of the realm, lined with the red thorns representation their wrath.

-Motto: “Mess with the Shrikehold, you get the Thorns”

-Currency: Recently, the Shrikehold began minting their own coins. All the coins bear the face of the ruler, Guardian Nymka I the back and different symbols on the front.

The copper Thorn bears the Troll Fountain on the front.
(all government transactions that can be in various multiples of 55 coppers are done and are referred to as ‘Stags’. Two stags are 11 silver)
The silver Sellen bears a pseudodragon, like Pairvelash, to symbolize the fey population.
The gold Citizen bears the head of Tusker, the Mastodon.
The platinum Keeper (an as of yet a theoretical coin), a catfolk’s head

-Area: The Green Belt, an area of the Stolen Lands between the Brevoy and Mivonese borders, approximately 84 by 120 miles, mostly fae-haunted wilderness. Recently claimed the Varnhold, a narrow strip along their Eastern border. With the addition of the territories south of Lake Tuskwater, there are three major regions now: the original Kamelands, the Narlmarches to the South, and the Nomen Heights.

-Cities: Tralg “Tralg’s Folly”, the closest thing to a major settlement in the region and the presumptive capital of the Shrikehold, on the shores of Lake Tuskwater, centered around the former fortress of the bandit chief known as the Stag Lord (see history). Leveton, the second city of the Shrikehold is build around Oleg and Svetlana Leveton’s trading post on the road to Restov. With the annexation of the former Varnhold, ‘Kiravoy Crossing’, and a couple of minor, recent settlements, Adams and Whispering Grotto.

-Government: The Shrikehold is established by authority a charter from the Swordlords of Restov, on behalf of the Brevoy throne. Those five individuals whose names appear on the Charter form the inner circle of the government, while there is a formal ruler, The Guardian, these five form the ruling body of the state, such as it is. There is a small picked body of officials that form the remainder of the council and are subordinate by law to the original ‘Charter Lords’. There really isn’t yet the population or organization to have a formal bureaucracy beyond that.

Lords of the Charter
-Ruler: Guardian Nymka I , oracle of Nethys
-General: Kargan Ulron The Hammer of the Shrikehold
-Magister: The Mad Mage of Medyved Costin Medyved
-Marshal: Hamond Wylcey
-Spymaster: Lord of the Rose, Darius Orroz Lodovka

The Council
-Councilor: Seraphina
-Diplomat: Lady Vellara
-High Priest: Jhod Kavken , priest of Erastil
-Enforcer: Tusker, the Mastodon of The Shrikehold (what? He needs another title?)
-Treasurer: Neyisha Dwelling
-Warden: Kavek Hammerhold, Warpreist of Gorum

Kesten Garess, formerly royal enforcer has stepped down in order to join The Hammer’s as of yet unformed officer corps for the future army of the Shrikehold…

History: The history of the area is either very short or very long depending on how you measure it. On the one hand, the history of the Shrikehold consists entirely of the Green Belt Charter exploring the region, defeating the local bandit chieftain, The Stag Lord in battle, a battle that ended in the death of the Stag Lord at the price of one of their original members, the half-orc Tralg, after whom the capital is named. After this, Restov granted them rulership over this border region. The Shrikehold is still growing, as recently their neighbor, Varnhold, granted them their westernmost territories, the Nomen Heights region, to them so they can focus on the Centaur raids on their Eastern Borders.

The history of the region, on the other hand, appears to be unimaginably ancient (dating, perhaps, as far back as the days of Kyonin , perhaps…) with ruins of temples to Erestil (at least one of which the Kingdom is promised to restore) and to Lamashtu in different regions. The ruins of previous waves of civilization, ranging from broken wagon wheels to vengeful unquiet dead to the mysterious politics of the Fae, litter the region hinting at things long forgotten.

Holidays: The Shrikehold currently recognizes four seasonal holidays.
-Foundation Day, Abadius 1 (January), Avistan’s generally recognized New Year’s celebration.
-Stagsfall, Desnus 21 (May), the Shrikehold’s national holiday, commemorating the defeat of the Staglord.
-Archerfeast, Erastus 3 (July), the high holy day of Erastil.
-Evoking Day, Neth 18 (November), holiday of Nethys, fireworks festival. And duels.

Demographics: The population of The Shrikehold has not yet been stabilized. Originally, the closest thing the area had to a population was the fae creatures that haunted its woods, along with a smattering of human trappers. As part of their bargain with the local fae, the fae are considered full citizens of the Realm, with all the rights and responsibilities therein. The other major factor is the outlawing of slavery, which means that all citizens of the realm are, by definition free citizens.

With the granting of the charter and the founding of the kingdom groups of settlers have been sent by various of their backers, mostly from Brevoy, but also followers of the Church of the Dawnflower , former slaves sent by allies of Hamond, and there are also groups of other races, such as the Kobalds of the Tribe of Sootscale, living in their territory. The status of such groups is yet to be fully defined. And rumors of a Catfolk ruler are beginning to circle among his own kind… Some initial problems have arisen with jobless former slaves (largely halfling) forming a loose thieves’ guild, the Red Wolves in Tralg’s Folly.

Religion: The closest thing to a state religion is the faith of Erestil, the faith of the High Priest and two of the five Charter Lords. Other major faiths represented include Nethys, Sarenrae, Gorum and (presumably) Hanspur . Of note there are two faiths forbidden in The Shrikehold, the universally-reviled Rovagug and Lamashtu. The Church of Erestil has gone so far as to send Inquisitors to clean out the Lamashtu ruins in the region.

Military: Tralg’s Folly currently has a small militia, the Butcher Birds, recruited from the settlers. Hammer Kargan also maintains a small force of personal soldiers, the Loggerheads, which he claims have no direct connection to the throne. The regular army of the Shrikehold currently stands at five divisions, two infantry regiments, the Tiger Shrikes and Stagbane Regiment, the Riders of the Thorn cavalry regiment, the clerical Order of the Owlbear, and the Blades of Nethys.

Foreign Relations: Only three other realms that have formal relations with The Shrikehold, Brevoy, by way of Restov, their patrons, their fellow colony Varnhold, and Mivon, with whom they have an agreed-upon border. And, of course the various obligations they have to the various investors who helped them found the nation.

The Shrikehold

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