12 months

Rebuild temple of the Elk – completed
Embassy edict with Varnhold – completed
Build a market in one settlement – Completed

24 months

Connect PC nation capital to Restov – Completed
Incorporate Oleg’s trading post – completed

Build a messaging system to connect to Restov – Completed
Establish a trade route with Restov – Completed
Ownership of one hex for Lady Vellara – completed
Build a smithy and a foundry – completed
Hire Golka as master stonemason – completed
Build a pier in one city – completed

Embassy with Lodovka – completed
Establish trade route with House Lebeda- completed
Construct lochs on the waterfall – completed
Build 1 of each of the following buildings: smithy, tannery, trade shop – completed

36 months

Establish Trade route with Mivon
Build canal/loch system to open the Shrike as a trade route to Restov – completed
Count Arnovski gets a right of first passage for his shipping companies – Rolling deal

60 Months

House Garess to serve as broker for any mine related trade deals – rolling deal

No time limit

Follower of Gorum in Marshal or General – in place
Marsh or general member of clergy of Gorum – in place

Necromancy used to create undead outlawed and any undead are able to be killed on sight.
Ensure the maintenance of wild lands for hunting. Must maintain at least 1/10 plains with no civ, 1/6 woodlands with no civ
Build shrine to Sarenrae
Attempt to redemption before punishment
Entreat with monstrous races
No member of the church of Sarenrae on the council
Celebrate one dwarven battle holiday a year by edict
Outlaw worship of Rovagug
Will not contend with Mivon’s borders, Mivon will not expand further north
Keep open communications with Restov
Fae Equality – Fae are extended all the same basic rights and citizenship and must be treated the same as any other citizen of the land.
Orlovsky has freedom to conduct business within kingdom
Fae not exploited
Maker’s guild having access and voice to the council
No slavery or indentured servitude allowed
Allow a community of freed slaves entrance and help adjust to productive life within the kingdom


Half cost of 1 granary – used
50% discount of clerical casting costs for members of party and their cohorts
50% discount of first watchtower and smithy per settlement, stacks with other similar bennies
1 Free Noble Villa – used
50% cost of 1 pier – Used

50% cost of guildhall
50% cost of canals and bridges on the Shrike at the falls and rapids – Used


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